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Why Sign up?-To Personalize

Personalization means to summarize the personal information of the registrant such as the past race records into a personal profile. The participants are able to acquire their past race details and records more easily.
Ibansport is a leading time chip company in Hong Kong and have been cooperating with different charities and organization to hold races such as running, hiking, triathlon and related multi-sport activities
To provide better services to the participants, we would to like to create a personal race database for each registrant. The registrant can check the details of the past participated race like the name of the race, the results and the rank through the system.
However, since Ibansport have only been established for 2 years, we are sorry that the race records of past few years could not be captured in the database.

In addition, as the information provided by the database is only based on the participant English or Chinese name as the searching criteria, there may be occur some errors if the participants have the same name with others or participant ‘s name have been changed which is different to past competition.

Also, there is a delete function in the database system; participants are allowed to delete the data which is not belonged to them. Please note that record will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered

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Protection Principles (DPP) of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

We collect the personal data shall be collected for a purpose directly related to running race and activity of the data user; lawful and fair collection of adequate data; data subjects shall be informed of the purpose for which the data are collected and to be used. The data shall be deleted upon fulfillment of the purpose for which the data are used 1 year after. Unless the data subject has given prior consent, personal data shall be used for the purpose for which they were originally collected or a directly related purpose.

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